Best Free Resources for Web Designing and Frontend Development

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1. Colors & Colors tools logo logo

Schemecolor.Com is a huge collection of colors and color schemes (palettes). Logo

Imagecolorpicker.Com is an amazing tool to pick colors from images, and it is also a Color picker and color contrast checker.

Pigment by ShapeFactory

Pigment by ShapeFactory is a unique way to explore color using lighting and pigment.


HEXCOLOR.CO is a collection of free color tools, such as – Random Colors, Color palette generator, Extract colors from a website, etc.

Sorted CSS colors

Sorted CSS Colors is a tool to sort the named CSS colors in a way that it shows related colors together. – Create your own color Palette.

Colorleap Logo

Color Leap – Take a leap through time and see the colors of history.

2. Icons and Icons Font

Google material icons

Google material icons. Guide, Icons.

FontAwesome icons

FontAwesome icons. Docs, Icons.


ionicons. Docs, Icons.

Other Font Icons

SVG and PNG Icons

3. Fonts

4. UI

5. Illustrations

6. SVG and PNG Patterns

7. Brand Logos

World Vector Logo

World Vector Logo – Download vector logos of brands you love.

8. Free images

9. Free Tools and Sites