What are Cookies in Simple words?

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data stored in your web browser created by the websites (server) you visit.

Use of cookies

  • Cookies are generally used to remember user actions and to identify the user.
  • With cookies, sites can keep you signed in.

Who can access the cookies?

  • Cookies can only be read by the website that created that cookie. A website cannot access the cookies of other websites.
  • You (the user) can choose to delete existing cookies, allow or block all cookies, and set preferences for certain websites.

How to view cookie data of a website?

First, open the site which cookie data you want to see, then go to the developer tools of your browser. Use to following keyboard shortcuts to open the developer tools –

  • Windows = CTRL + Shift + I
  • Mac = ⌘ + Option + I

After that, go to the Application tab » Storage section » Cookies » choose domain » Cookie-Data

Where are cookies stored